Payroll payment period

I am no longer able to write in the payment period in the earnings drop down -
I pay my staff fortnightly and need to enter dates of payment period and think to add it in notes is not professional. To add it in payment area I now have to enter it in Settings and then use it in the drop down menu. Is this the only way to do it? Can I not just be able to enter it on each pay slip. That payment period will never be repeated so don’t need it recorded in settings. Thanks

Is your use case only for the purpose to add period for which the payslip has been issued for? Or did you also use description fields for some other purposes?

Only using for payment period - Can I change it in some way so can simply enter the dates and not have to do the whole entering into settings? Thanks

You shouldn’t be going to settings to handle this. The correct way is to simply mention pay period in Notes field but I understand it might not be appropriate. There are some improvements I’m planning for payroll module next month and this will be included among other feature requests which will be addressed too.

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Thank you

@lubos any update or a possible description tab in the earnings, deductions or wages to provide notes on a particular earning or deduction? Such as things indicated on this thread?

The latest version (15.6.97) has Description column on payslips.

Hello! Saw this, however during printing the previous description which showed earnings was lost, is it possible that both the earnings and description appear in print?