Feature Request | Payslip Item

If there is a “Description” field in payslip items-
It would be AWESOME.

you could add one yourself with custom fields.


I had one for payslip number, but ended up deleting it because I would prefer it to be auto numbering which isn’t yet implemented. I have just reverted to using pay date and period ending instead.

Each payslip item has its own description field. Why would you need one for the payslip as a whole? After all, it’s a payslip…for a certain date.

As we can see, Non-Inventory item has a description field.

And, the payslip item doesn’t have any description field.

The description field helps a lot and it’s necessary.

You did not answer my question. You only restated your request. The Description on a non-inventory item appears on invoices. Why would any description of a payslip item beyond its name be needed on a payslip? Payslip items are not individualized descriptions of work performed, for example. They are such things as “hourly wages” or “retirement plan contribution.”

Very often, we need to write a description in payslip.

As, there is a description field in payslip.
It would be more efficient if it’s linking to payslip item.

And, if it’s done, the payslip could be made more beautiful.

You still haven’t answered my question. Why do you need the description beyond the description of the payslip item?

The purpose of a payslip is not beauty.

OK, I realized that this is not much necessary.
Thanks anyway.