Pay slips Line Items

Can we please have the ability to have payslip line Items
thank you

That exists already

Really where? I have just down loaded the latest version of desk top and I can not find Pay slip Line where you can put another column in. The invoice one has custom fields in Invoice line

Your question was about lines, not columns or custom fields. What are you really asking? What are you trying to do?

Yes sorry bad use of words.
I want to be able to put a custom field in a line on the payslip like we can in an invoice I suspect it has been asked before so I would like to add to the request if it has

Can you provide a use case? What do you want to put in the line-item custom field?

Because next to Gross amount I would like to put YTDgross and next to Tax amount I would like to put Gross Tax amount and next to Net amount I would like to put YTD Net amount.
Yes I can do this through custom fields but it just plonks it on the payslip with out being able to move it

What you ask about will not accomplish what you want. Line item custom fields appear on a line in the main body of the transaction table, above any totals. The variables you mention correspond to elements of the totals array. Others have requested year-to-date totals before, but Manager does not currently calculate those and has no place for them in the database.

If you want them now, manually calculated and entered custom fields are your only option. You can, however, move them to other locations with custom themes.

Actually I have a system that works out the YTD totals and I dont want it to add anything up I merely want to put figures in there for to the weekly figures

As I said, a custom theme is your only option, but doing what you want would be fairly difficult.

Right you know best