I can not customize Payslip , Invoice ,

I need to add a few lines specially DATE format to the invoice and payslip to match with my business needs, but the software doesn’t allow me to do it.

Date format is set as described in this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/7043.

What exactly are you trying to add?

I’m trying to add DATE line in to my invoices and payslip , but I can only add that in custom field down at the bottom of the page and I can not change the position . I could add custom filed to the invoice but I can not add the date filed in to where it needs to be .

Invoices and payslips already have date fields

What version of Manager are you using?

we provide cleaning services , our clients need to know which days of the month we have attended their cleaning , so I have to manually type the date for each service we have attended , it is more important to have date filed in payslip as we have our staff need their working hours listed under the days they have worked… I use online Manager , thanks

For sales invoices to customers, you can add a date field within individual line items. See the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/10411. You will still need to enter the date for each line manually.

For payslips, this particular option is not available. Instead, just enter the date in the line item’s Description field. You can do this by simply editing the content populated automatically for the payslip earnings item.