Using Manager for two businesses - sharing inventory data?

I’m new to the forum and wondered if anyone had knowledge of sharing inventory input data used in one business with the other.

I have two businesses with the same inventory and customers but one business is located in the UK (billing in £GBP) and the other is in Ireland (billing in Euros). When making out sales invoices it would be really useful if I could use the inventory and customer database that I have input into the UK business and use that for the Ireland business - in order to save manually inputting the exact same data over again, particularly the inventory.

Is this possible without having to input the same data twice in the two businesses individually?

Is this one business as far the taxman is concerned. If so, then you need to have the UK division and the Irish Division in one business.

You cannot share customers and inventory between two businesses in manager.

If you have one legal business as far as HMRC and Companies House is concerned, then put both divisions into one business in manager and you can invoice in both pounds and euros as far as I am aware. Not sure how you do that as I only invoice in one currency.

If you have two legally separate businesses, then I believe that you will need to duplicate your inventory items data etc.

While the inventory cannot be shared in Manager, you can duplicate inventory items using batch operations. Read the relevant Guides and search this forum on that topic for guidance. Then at least you don’t need to manually recreate all the same items for the 2nd company.

If you are one business with two divisions then you can use tracking codes to track each division’s performance

Thanks for that.
They’re two separate legal entities, so I think duplication is the order of the day.

it will be good option if a business can share inventory from any other business.
if not possible then option for two divisions in a single business with different invoice serial numbers or something like that.

You can use batch operations to duplicate inventory from one business in another. See the Guide: Manager Guides.

You cannot share inventory between two businesses, because one business must own the inventory. You can buy and sell inventory between businesses.

If you want to account for two divisions, use tracking codes. See this Guide: Manager Guides. If you want, you can give inventory items different codes to indicate which division they belong to.

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thankyou , i will check it in details.