Inventory transfer between two businesses

I have opened two businesses , Is there any way to transfer inventory between them? If I use two business in one company like department or tracking then the user of both business can see all the customers and there sales, cash, account also remain same. Please help if there any way.

Not within Manager, as you need to transfer quantities and values.
While the receiving inventory business could process a Purchase Invoice the sending inventory business can’t use a zero valued Sales Invoices as the inventory costs would end up in COGS.

If Manager had a Report which could list Inventory held by location, then there would be a possibility to use Inventory Locations and by doing a month end adjustment.

How many different Inventory Items do you have and would they all be transferable ?


Thanks for reply.
I understood the first issue.
For second issue… is that possible to create report based on multiple
company? We have 6 warehouse location and item is like 500

Can we create group of companies in any way?
Best Regards

Montashir Rahman

Consolidation is not a current feature but has been noted as a possible future development.

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