Using for temp recruitment

Hi, is there anyone I can directly talk to for a quick conversation about the ability to import details and timesheets of temp workers? Also for them to show as ‘temp’ workers - not employees. Have other questions, but no need tofill up space here.
I look forward to a contact email, if possible.

You can use control accounts.
Under Employees.
You create new control group called for Example “Temp workers” and connect it with a new account on your chart of accounts.
Also if you want, you can create a separate salaries account on your income statement for their weekly or monthly salaries for examples “Temp workers Salaries and benefits.”

Thank you, Ahmed,

Every week our temp candidates work different hours and paid different rates depending on when they worked, or how long they worked.

Does it allow up to see things like all previous pays (and what clients). All invoices for one client (sheet list, not individual invoices). Does it send invoices (with charge rates) automatically when pay run is done?

Apologies about the questions, but every system has it’s own quirks, and I will be selling Manager to another owner who is used to software we have been using for years.

I look forward to your reply.


Manager is an accounting software with limited payroll features

There is no link between payroll records and sales invoices

It is possible that the billable time and/or billable expenses module might work for but you would have to test that your self
It seems you would be better off using a payroll system to track pay and just record the weekly payroll summary into Manager

All good, Joe.

Thanks for your time.


@CraigPrime, all user support is via the Guides and this forum. There is no live customer support department. Further, soliciting work on the forum violates our community rules. See the FAQ.

Based on your questions, Manager may well not be the program for you.

Hi Tut,

I am a little confused about the ‘soliciting work’ bit. Not sure where that came from as I was asking questions about your support.

You are probably right though; Manager is probably not for us. We need a software built for agencies, not an accounts program that we have to shoehorn into what we want. Not against Manager, just not what’s best for us.

Thanks for your time.


Perhaps you were asking for customer support from NGSoftware. But often the next question is a plea for consulting by some user and an offer of compensation. I was just warning you, since you seemed unfamiliar with the support regime for Manager.

Thanks Tut,

I always want to talk with someone to show me around and answer my queries before jumping onto any software. Why waste hours figuring things out, when someone could at least point me to a solution or clarification.

Mark has been kind enough to write back to me to clarify my questions.

Thanks, I think we will leave it for now.


You came to the right conclusion. It seems that you are in the recruitment business and applications such as IceHRM will allow you to do and customize also. Good luck. For accounting purposes you should consider Manager though :slight_smile:

Thank you Eko,

And thanks for suggestion of IceHRM.

Hope to get back to you at some stage down the track.