Latest Version of Manager

Have just come across Manager software for the first time while exploring for a free software .
I then downloaded and installed the software on my laptop. However i cant find some of the features described in the user manuals. I am in Zimbabwe. Is there a latest version that i can download and how?

make sure you always download only from the Manager website.

the guides can be found here Guides | Manager

Thanks. However the employee function isnt giving the facility to enter basic information such as the basic salary

Manager is not a Payroll system - it is an Accounting system and as such it does not calculate pay.

You enter the payroll details into payslips for each payroll but you have to calculate the pay details manually yourself

You have an option to use the recurring payslips

Read the Payroll guides

You have to Enter employees and Set up payslip items before you can select these items in a payslip and Issue payslips although for regular employees it is more efficient to Set up and manage recurring payslips and enter employees basic salary in the recurring payslip. See

I think Tinashe wants to enter basic pay in the Employee form

This could be done using a custom field, but Manager will not use it to calculate pay

thanks. set up payslips items and was able to process