Brief but powerful thoughts on manager

Hi all.

Overall, I am a developer and less an accountant.
as a developer, and also a business developer, I have had to interact with so many systems figuring which one is great for use in a work environment.
Manager is a wonderful accounting solution and works well, handles alot of things preety well.

There are 2 main misgivings with manager.

  1. it is not as great as a CRM.
  2. its HR and payroll system needs a lot of work. in fact is lacking.

to the developers of manager, could you consider these 2 main features? we are tired of suing 10 systems to do one thing, which is managing a company.

Also, I would like to request, if manager has an APi, or you can add functions, feature or methods of building modules for the system to make it extensible. so that it becomes the tool that rules all.

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Manager’s developer has written about his specific decisions not to turn the program into a CRM or HR system. Improvement to payroll will happen.


Yes Payroll although working well in a small business at present will be challenging when employee numbers ramp up. Of course do not forget fixed assets with flexibility in depreciation calculation methods.


@Tut What about API and extensibility.,
would really love to have this functions and features so as to merger, be able to automatically import some elements of already existing systems we use for CRM or HRM.

It is Ok, dont turn Manager into a CRM. why not build a separate CRM tha integrates deeply into manager,

I am not the developer, @Martin_Otieno. I am not going to build anything.