Import Salary Entries

To @lubos,

As Manager is not a HR managing software I would like to request to have support to import bulk salary entries (Payslip Entries)
If I have 1000 employees it is time waste that I do their calculation in another application and then I make 1000 entries again. So it is necessary for such situation to enable bulk import for salaries also.


Why do you need to record all the individual salary entries in Manager? Isn’t that what your payroll software is for?

I would just import the totals for each payroll period and assign to the salaries expense and the Payroll liabilities accounts

Actually they are not using any payroll software, they mainatin records in Excel Sheets.
What you are saying is ideally what all do most oftenly.

If you are making all these manual entries in a spreadsheet, why not make them directly in Manager? Then you also have the possibility of setting up recurring payslips, cloning payslips, etc. Why transfer the data?

The point of using an outside payroll processor, if you do, is to avoid having to keep up with changes in tax and labor laws. They can also issue payments on your behalf in most cases. Sometimes, they offer more sophisticated payroll reports. If you were to enter data in a spreadsheet and transfer it into Manager, then issue payments, you are just making more work for yourself.

There is lot of formula work and Vlookup work that needs to done in excel spreadsheet like rates, OT Hrs, site assigned and all, thus it is not possible to make entrt in Manager Directly.
They will have to prepare data in soreadsheet then again make entries in Manager.

Then just enter the totals as @Joe91 suggested.

In my long experience of Excel spreadsheets, a spreadsheet of this magnitude and complexity can almost never be 100% correct unless a lot of time is devoted to validating and re-verifying the data and formulas constantly

we have created and tested that sheet joe and it has been always right for us.
Even we test before using.
Yes there are complexities but that’s how a system is.

Thanx but I have replied to Joe on his suggestion.
Please read once.

I am a bit like your situation. I built a payroll access data base and I would love to be able to import data into manger from there