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Hi, I’m wondering why the contact details like email, telephone, and hotline is not in website… anyone can provide please…

All contacting with Manager is initially done via this forum.

To clarify certain issues where to discuss for India accounting? As there is no contact apart from this forum!!!
My question as below:

  1. I want to get the Job Sheet for each Job of FREIGHT FORWARDING + CUSTOMS Logistics Business,
  2. There is no option for the Logistics references, Like many references we need to keep under one Job Like- MAWB, HAWB, MBL, HBL, SHIPPING BILL, BILL OF ENTRY, SHIPPER INVOICE NUMBER, SHIPPER ORDER APPROVAL NUMBER, CONSIGNEE PO Number, Consignee Name option, Shipper name option, Supplier name option, Flight Number, Container Number, Vessel Name and many more etc…
  3. We need all these reference in proper format on our service Invoices and create the Job sheet with all these reference number.
  4. All types of operational expenses should be able to enterred under the Job reference and we could not able to identify where can be?

As you describe things, this seems to have nothing to do with accounting, but is more of a reference file related to a job. You could include such a document as an attachment.

You can add custom fields.

Design a custom theme.

This would not be an accounting transaction, so it has no place in an accounting program. See my first answer above.

Have you explored tracking codes for this purpose?

Hello Brucanna , am also looking for the details of manager io guys so that i can send some details which are purely business oriented and i dont see appropriate to send here as it doesn’t concern everybody ;
so should i proceed to send it here or there can be another contact where i can send my issues ?

please advise

If you have a billing issue, send to

If your issues concern the Manager accounting programme then they should be sent here to the Forum.

However, if the issues aren’t Manager accounting programme related (purely business oriented) then you could send a private message to Lubos, but noting that if your issues are deemed to be Manager accounting programme related then they will be re-posted on to the Forum without further advice. Private messaging is not to be abused.

Its purely business issues, so will I get the email for Lubos now ?

Please help


Send him a private message by clicking on his avatar and then Message

ok then let me explain it here as i feel the difficulties in contacting individuals ;
recently after realizing the immerse capabilities of manager i started using my company to recommend this manager system , the server edition to my clients. I mean to offer such services as installation , training and any such consultancy related to this service. But i come to realize that soon after submitting the proposal to the client , the client will go directly to the manager website and see the price and everything and later come back to me and ask why you are giving me the different price while the price over the site is different , so this way it has been much difficult to push sales to the clients because of differing information and some time when it comes to that end means deadlock , no business

can i know how do you sale the software through (may be let me call agents) and how do you protect them

It looks like you can not persuade your potential clients that your services (installation, training, etc) are worth the effort of paying you.

I think you need to work on the benefits using your services around Manager can bring rather than try to hide the price of the software from them.

Manager is not sold through agents anywhere in the world. Therefore, you have no protection, especially since you would be trying to sell someone else’s product.

You can give clients access to their own businesses on your server installation by creating them as restricted users. There is no additional cost to you for doing this. That puts you in the position of providing installation and maintenance so your clients don’t need those skills or equipment.

If you want a generic (white label) desktop edition, you can create one as described in this Guide: Manager Cloud. If you are going to do that, however, you need to be prepared to provide all training, documentation, and support yourself. And your customers will get no updates through the Manager web site.

Thanks Tut for this details explanation , and I think it opened my eyes on it a bit , and I think the option of creating them as restricted users is my best option ;

Once again thank you

Your software is excellent and a lot of business in Zimbabwe, my country, will benefit a lot.
i have created my own white label addition and will be charging clients for installation, setup and training services. I will clearly indicate this.

i also intend to offer your server edition. With the server addition, i will clearly indicate the license fee ($390) and charge my own installation and training fee.

Will you guys allow me to purchase multiple licenses, on behalf of my clients?

NB: You guys you need to consider using official agents worldwide. Your product is very good but many people ( in my country) are not familiar with installation, setup etc and this will be better done by official agents

@pagetk, I have nothing to do with the business side of Manager. I am a forum moderator.

But you can purchase as many server edition licenses as you want. Each client for whom you install a server edition will need a separate license, of course.

Good day
Where can i get the contact details to setup the software on my system

If you are looking for someone to assist you with Manager go to Accountants | Manager. You can find accountants in your country who are willing to support you set up Manager. You can read the guides and set up your own system. Go to Guides | Manager to read the guides.

What is it that you would like assistance with.

  • Manager support is through this forum

  • An accountant is well placed to offer advice on software selection and setup

@Zaf_Khan, are you asking how to install and operate the software? If so, are you trying to install the desktop or server edition?

Or are you asking how to configure the software for your business?

Good evening @Tut
I have sorted the installation of the software i am battling to get the cash book setup could you assist me i have done entries dr and cr but i cannot create a cash book