Custom Field

I am trying to add a contact name in Custom Field to my sales invoice as I have a company under one name but has many departments so when I click on sales invoice I would like to see the contact info… I have gone into settings to add this field but it does not show up when I do a new invoice… I have notice the Show custom field as a column check box is missing?

Fill up custom field properly as ur requirement & check the box of “Show custom field on printed documents” than click update button.

I notice it goes on the print out but I don’t want it there… I want this information when I look at my customer list Etc…

It’s not possible now. May be Manager authority will be add this feature in future.

Added to the latest version (15.4.61)

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Thanks, that’s great…
I have also notice in the delivery notes there is a Delivery Note Summary and when you put information into it that also prints on the note and the description info panel.Can this also be changed so the summary does not print as the description is already printed as to what is put in the description box…

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