Custom fields on sales order

is it not possible to ad custom fields on Sales order? or do i make something wrong?

You can. At least in the latest version it’s possible. Not sure what version you are using.

@lubos, yes i know, your right i can use it. But then i cannot see it on the sales order document. But there is no option to mark “show custom field on printed documents”

The latest version will show all custom fields created on sales order. I don’t think there is any point to specify which to show and which not show as sales order is an internal document not given to customer.

your are right, i can see all custom fields on sales order BUT in cannot see it on printing documents and this is what i would need. For us Sales Order is not only an internal document. I have to confirm the order from client, which is done with the sales order. Then we are going to send the sales order to our client and he will then sign on this document

You are using sales orders for something they were not designed or intended for. See Manager Cloud.

A better way to get customer confirmation would be to use a sales quote, which was designed to be an external document. See Manager Cloud. The sales quote even gives you the option of a custom header. You can call it “Pro Forma Invoice” or “Order Confirmation” or “Proposal” or something similar if you don’t like the “Quote” terminology.

hi tut, got it, this all clear for me. However, our business is like this. We cannot use quote as you describe. we need to make sales order with all details of the product and then customer need to sign our sales order. Thats an important issue for. So, might be manager not designed for it but whats the problem just to change that i can also see “custom fields” on the sales order. I think this is a small issue to adjust it, then all is fine

@Dietmar, it sounds to me like you could do everything you want by renaming a quote as a sales order. Neither has any impact on your financial accounting, so it doesn’t matter what they are called. My point is that you can already have what you seem to want by renaming the quote.

is it possible to add a field in the quote? I need to add a unit type collumn and im stuck too. thanks for your help

Yes. Read the Guides starting at Manager Cloud.

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Yes you can add a custom field. Go into Settings > Custom Fields
Sure I’ve done it before…

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