Using Custom Fields

I think this program is amazing, but am struggling with a few things.

I am trying to set our bank details to automatically appear at the bottom of customer invoices and statements. I have set a custom field under sales invoices and ticked to appear on printed documents but it only appears on the preview as an extra column and not on the actual hard copy.

Having tried to follow the instructions on the guides, there is no drop down box for custom fields in the create invoice window and I can see no way to add this information to the invoice.

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you

Is there content in the field? If not, the field will not show.

Yes there is content in the field. I set it up with bank details under label, paragraph as type and ticked show custom field on printed document.

There seems to be no option to select custom fields when an invoice is raised.

In which area did you create the custom field?

Settings> Custom Fields> Sales Invoice-Line

That is for custom details for each line item on the sales invoice.

Add your custom field to Sales Invoice in the same section and delete the one you have and you should be good.

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