Unable to add bank details to invoice updated version

Hi all. I just updated Manager this morning (3rd June 2020)
Im trying to add my bank details to the bottom of invoices that I send out in Manager but the forms field in the old program has disappeared.
Are we now expected to know how to write our own program?
Is there a simple way of adding bank details at the bottom of invoices I am sending out like the old version had?
Ive read some of the guides but unless you are a programmer it looks like you are going no where with ease of use.
Any ideas?
Many thanks

It sounds like you are referring to the Notes field that used to be on sales invoices by default. That was replaced by custom fields years ago, so your version must have have been very badly out of date.

At any rate, no programming skill is required. You can add bank details either in the Business Details section or in a custom field. See Enter business details | Manager and Use custom fields | Manager. If you use custom fields and want the same information on all sales invoices, see Set form defaults | Manager.

Well I guess I needed to do a bit more playing around with the system. I figured out how to do it…eventually :slight_smile:
I went into settings, then new custom field under sales invoices and added the bank info there.
Funny thing however is that unless I put a full stop or other character in the box the details dont show up on the invoice.
Not sure how clearly I have explained myself there

cheers, i figured it out…mostly… about 20 minutes ago

Custom fields do not display unless they have content. But your bank details should be the content, not the label for the custom field.