Banking Details

I want to add my Banking Details to the Sales Invoice, but can’t find the relevant field for it.
Kindly assist.

You can set it as a default in the Notes field when creating an invoice.

Under Settings, go to Custom Fields.
Then create a custom field under Sales Invoices with a title of your choice.
Enter your bank details as a default text.
Enable the tick box to show on printed documents and click create.
Now this custom field will be visible on every invoice you create.

You can take a look at the following guide.

Thank you!!

There is an easier place. Put it in the field intended for that information: Business details. See this Guide: Enter business details | Manager. This way, the information appears under your address instead of at the bottom of the page. Use the <br> tag in the field if you have multiple lines of information, as described in the Guide.

the problem with this method is that the header area takes too much space. also it would appear on every unnecessary form. well that is just my opinion.

Bank details must be separated from the business details.