Email disappeared from menu bar

Hi, I tried to click on ‘emails’ in the left-hand menu bar today and rather than being taken to emails, I was taken to ‘Businesses’ and when I selected my business and the screen went to the usual summary page, the emails tab had disappeared from the the menu bar.

I tried looking in ‘customise’ to see if emails had been deselected from the menu bar display options somehow, but they weren’t listed as an option. I was using emails just last night and everything was fine, now it’s gone. Has anyone else noticed this happening?

Version number?

I have the cloud version, so the latest.

Not always - sometimes you have to restart your system - Manager Cloud

Emails tab is being merged with History. This is still work in progress.

Ok, I noticed emails I wrote last night were appearing in history with the username left blank. Will we no longer be able to access emails separately then? Any idea when the merging will be complete?

Also, re history, we can longer do a free search as we could a short while ago, we can now only search by name of user. This will be an issue with emails, as I often look up emails by email address or client name. It will now be much harder to find old emails if the search remains restricted to only usernames.


Also, if I search for Administrator to see all my entries in history, the emails do not appear in the list, so I have no way of easily searching for all the emails I have sent from Manager anymore.

Even if they were showing under the Administrator history, I still wouldn’t be able to search for just emails, due to the restricted search function. This makes it a much more difficult task to find previous emails, than the previous two clicks it took before. Hopefully these issues will be resolved when the merge has been completed. Thanks

Yeah, this is because the old email process didn’t record who was sending emails. Now they are part of history so the username is recorded.

Very soon you will be able to filter history by action. For example to see only Delete actions or Email actions etc.

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Ok, phew! Thanks

Hi Lubos, just seen the new History, which allows you to search by action now, as well as by user, which is great. However, it is still missing one key feature the old email system had, which was the ability to search by anything in the email subject, or by email address. For example, with the old system you could search for all emails sent to a particular client, but that is no longer possible.

Is an enhanced search function a feature you plan to add back in the future?