Email Invoices Check box

It would be awesome if we could easily see that invoices were mailed or emailed and the date. A simple box that automatically check when the email is sent. Also removing the email tab really sucks. I often have to make sure or check when an original email was sent, now everything shows in history…even sales orders etc…why the change? Bring back the email tab, PLEASE!

You can see that like this.

This was done because of permissions to send emails enabled restricted user who can create emails to view every attachment even from tabs that they don’t have access to.

Basically nothing has changed as far viewing emails it’s just under a different menu.

Back in Emails tab now :slight_smile:

No, I am not given that option! Create, Update, Delete options. I am under the History Tab, Correct?

Version 21.8.6


Got it! Logged completely out and then the option to add in settings was back. Thank You!

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It would have made more sense to add that to permissions rather than elsewhere, but regardless I don’t have any tab for emails. My history tab shows every quote, receipt, invoice, order, purchase order,etc…. No sorting for just email.

If you are using the desktop or server edition, you need to update your software. The Emails tab was just added back today. If you are using the cloud edition, restart your cloud server: Then enable the Emails tab.

And putting the tab back fixed up this issue