Sent emails history button permission settings absent

Hello everyone.

What happened with the “Emails” tab? How can I know to whom I have sent emails?

Thanks in advance.

I am running the latest desktop version and I have the email button and all my emails are visible.
Try and give more information like OS, Manager version and so on. That will help with troubleshooting.

I am running version 22.7.25. I´m on cloud edition

Sorry, I cannot be of any assistance, seeing that I am not familiar with the cloud edition.

It is now on top next to history and backup button see screenshot

Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 21.15.28

You are right @eko. But how can I give access to a restricted user only to that “Emails” tab?

Good question, I changed the topic line to reflect that.

I don’t know what was the exact reason behind removing the emails tab, but following the long discussions on the user permissions for emails, it seems like the reason the tab was scrapped is most likely to disable restricted users from access to all emails.

That being said, I don’t see emails getting back to being a tab or even being able to give unlimited access to restricted users to view emails.

However – and I am purely speculating here and only @lubos can confirm or deny this, it looks emails are going to get the same treatment as history and I think that’s should be enough to solve this problem.

The emails tab is not scrapped it is next to history. The permissions are not there.

I didn’t mean emails were entirely scrapped, but the aren’t with the “regular” tabs, instead, they’re now an admin utility along with History, Backup and Attachments, or at least that’s how I’d like to think of it.

Not to say that calling it a “tab” is wrong but it’s useful to make the distinction.