Email Tab not showing info (as restricted user)

Hello everyone.

For some reason, when clicking the “Email” Tab as a restricted user (but having full access on that specific Email section) it does not appear anything. Just a white page. See creenshot.

This is how the user permissions are set for this Email Tab:

If I go to that email section as an administrator (full access) I can see every sent email.

What configuration am I missing?
Note: few days back, as a restriced user I was able to see that section. But now I can’t.

Currently running 21.8.31 (Cloud Version) on a Windows 10 Laptop
Please help.
Thank You.

The Emails tab is apparently being modified. Its behavior has been changing almost daily, as has the presence of emails in the History file.

Guess I’ll just wait for now then…

I have had time to look into this a little more and can replicate the behavior. I am going to go ahead and move this into the bugs category.

Fixed in the latest version (21.8.54)

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