User Access

The user access control is not perfect. A user who has limited access with access to customers tab is able to see the payments and invoices and also do transactions once they select the invoices link. Is there a way to restrict these as I want the sales team to be able to create new users to make sales quote and nothing else. Also they should only be able to see the quotes they made and not the whole quotes in the system. Kindly let me know if there is any further option that I need to enable. Using cloud version.

the same subject was discussed under the below subject

we are waiting for an update from the developer team

Download the latest version. your problem will be solved to some extent

I wasn’t aware that there were any access control changes recently, so I’m not sure if downloading Server Edition again will help in this case.

A summary of the main changes (for all editions) is found here: Releases | Manager

But if I’m mistaken, I’d love to know that. I’m personally very interested in this topic as well.