User permissions & activity log in server edition

Currently (version 13.12.15), all users have equal access. All users can view all businesses, create/modify all transactions, and can even create and delete other users. Can permissions be implemented to restrict access to users?

Maybe four role levels can be implemented:

1: Accountant - Full access to all functions in all businesses + create/edit users
2: Bookkeeper - Full access on only selected businesses (Cannot create/edit users)
3: AR/AP Clerk - Restricted access to perform only certain functions on only selected businesses (Cannot create/edit users)
4: Client - Read only, cannot create or modify records, but may run reports.

When the user logs in, he should only see the business’ names they have access to.

Also, an activity log which records each change each user makes to audit user activity.

Your thoughts?


The next version which will be released later today will contain support for the first two user roles.

You will be able to set users to be either administrators or restricted users. Restricted users will have access only to accounting entities administrator specifies. Also, restricted users won’t be able to create/update/delete other users or accounting entities.

Check the latest version (14.1.3) which now contains the first two user roles

Is the activity log or some other sort of audit trail being considered?

Yes, this will be added. Right now I’m rushing to add multi-currency and payroll which are the two most requested features. After that many smaller features will be added including audit trail.

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Hi - Something more for the User Access wish list…
Now that we are using the server edition, we would like individual employees to be able to directly input their own expenses. However, although we can restrict access to the Expenses module, it is access to the whole module. That means that anyone with access can see everyone else’s expenses. Is there any way that access could be restricted so that an individual could have access only to their own expenses?

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Something similar will be needed for Bank accounts tab too. If employees use business credit cards, you probably want them to keep coding their credit card transactions against G/L accounts but at the same time, you don’t want them to see all company credit cards & bank accounts.

When I get to implement this, I will keep in mind something similar is needed for expense claims too. Thanks.


This will be very much appreciated…

Hi Lubos,

I noticed there’s an option in the setting in user permission that would prohibit user from deleting.
Is it possible to have the option that prohibit user from creating and updating as well?



So what you basically want is to have user that has read-only access only, right?

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Yes, correct

Definition of what is read-only needs to be established. For example we will both agree, read-only user should not be able to create new invoices.

But then you have reports. Do you think creating new reports would be in the scope of read-only access or out of scope?

My definition of read-only means exactly that. The user should not be allowed to create, update or delete invoices and reports. In my opinion regarding the reports, the user could put a request to create a report needed. Thanks. I hope that’s ok.

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Any progress on this? My accountant pointed out that transactions accessed through summary page can be edited. It’d put my mind at rest if this feature could be implemented (soon I hope). Thanks

Same here. Our accountant already did some manipulation and blaming others. He forgot to clear suspense account :smile:. That’s how we caught him. But still it took 2 days to find out.

We should able to see which user created the sales/purchase order, journal entries, spend or receive money and who modified already existing entries.

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We really need to be able to give restricted users READ-ONLY access to specific modules. I would be able to reduce my workload significantly if I were able to give Directors READ-ONLY access to the Summary page and the Reports page. I don’t need to allow them to directly access anything else and, like Michael, I do not want them to be able to Create, Edit or Delete anything.

Yes, it is on my to-do list. It is likely to be implemented this month.

Do you have any news about this?

Yes Luishberry,
Its already available in Setting up permissions.
open the business you want them to have access to, go to the Settings tab and click User Permissions.
And Select the user give Access level to Limited access and select the modules.

for more

The latest version (14.10.22) now allows to make restricted users “read-only”. Simply set Permitted Actions to View

This means, buttons such as “create”, “update” or “delete” will be disabled.

More information on how to create restricted users is here: