User Restrictions

Hi tut, I am enjoying my server version since I purchased it, however, am having trouble hiding some information from my sales staff. I have allowed them to view and create only Customer, quotations and sales orders. Invoices are generated by the accounts section copied from sales orders accordingly and receipts and payment are done from the accounts section aswell.
My wish is for my sales staff not to be able to see receipts and invoices processed from the accounts section. I have allowed them to create and view Customers as they are the first contacts with customers, however, this function allow the sales team to drill down to particular customers giving access to view transaction showing amounts receipted and invoiced. Is there a way I can restrict this capability?

I do not understand why you do not want the Sales force to see this information - I would imagine that the more they know about their customers, the better. No?

@Joe91. you are right but this is a matter of preference as these are junior staff. The Marketing manager who happens to be there boss happens to have these rights. I do not want the sales staff to reproduce same info or sale it out as matter of confidentiality without passing through the accounts department

I am not an expert on all the details of user permissions. But in general, if users have access to a functional tab, they can use all the features of a tab.