User permissions

Hi I only want to give my manager access to create sales quotes not to view all my quotes. How do i do this. I only see an option to view and create quotes. I do not want to him to be able to view all my quotes. His job is only to create quotes.

Please explain what Manager version and app you are working with. The Desktop ones do not really have anything granular relating to permissions while the Cloud and Server Editions have more to offer in that respect.

You cannot give Create permission without View permission. That is because whenever you create a new transaction, you immediately are presented with the completed View screen so it can be verified.

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I know the limitations of Manager, but if the developer can implement create only permission, it can be done similarly to some other accounting software where a user with such permission can create a transaction and when saving it a new entry transaction will opened instead of viewing the saved transaction.

Maybe it can be added to ideas categories for voting.

That is a fairly major change as you are suggesting. It involves

  • the creator of all transaction / entries is recorded by Manager.
  • Then created by permission access control is added so each tab would then support access of full, own entries, or no access.

However once done other users are likely also to expect

  • reports sorted or restricted by creator and creator display on the edit screen.
  • Change creator / owner would probably also be required to support staff changes or change of installation / user mapping.
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Hi so he will only be able to view the quote that he created is this correct?

Will he be able to view all the other quotes on the system or only the quote that he created?

Permissions apply to all transactions of the type. So he will be able to view all quotes.