User Access for Cloud edition

Dear Manager team,

I need to give access to one of the user as view for some modules and view and create for another module

Exp( user can view the invoices to create delivery not, but he can’t create invoice)

a suggestion to make the user access options for each module separately . is this possible ?


If I understand your question correctly, yes. See

I mean the same user if I give him view access to sales invoice and delivery notes he will not able to create delivery notes
if I give him view, create access he will be able to create the sales invoice and delivery notes which is not the case we want

we need the user ( who is working in the warehouse) to have access
(view) only to sales invoices and
(view, create) to delivery notes

the above scenario is not available in manager because if I choose view access it will include all modules i choose

One workaround - while not ideal - would be to give the user two separate logins.

  1. First login with read-only access to the invoices tab.
  2. Separate login for write-access linked to modules you want them to be able to create records for.

But you could also consider giving them edit access to Sales Invoices, and have a policy / agreement with them that they do not make changes. This way, you can use a single login. The Audit Trail feature will allow you to check if they have made changes to an invoice against your instructions.

can we know which user make last update or apply changes on certain invoice ?

At the moment the audit trail is not specific enough to know which one was modified.