User permissions


how to do if I want to allow user view and create for sales invoice, and just to view only for others.

Multiple users and user controls are available only in Server and Cloud editions of Manager. Not available in Desktop edition.

yes i know it…my question is for cloud edition…is it possible, for 1 user to view and create for sales invoice and just to view for others?

you should set required permissions for created users accordingly.
read this guide

Yes, it is possible.

UserA can have the ability to create sales invoices.
UserB can have the ability to only view them, but not create new ones.

sorry, wrong question, I mean user A can view and create sales invoice but bank account can only view only, is it possible?

You have two bank accounts:

You can give UserA access to view only BankA, and create/view sales invoices, and collect payments for those invoices into BankA. Yes.

I recommend you play around with the permissions for yourself using the guide that @sharpdrivetek posted. There is even an Impersonate button that you can use, to temporarily log in as UserA, and make sure it works the way you want it to.