Usability requests

I was thinking about the following improvements:

  • Search through all bank transactions.
  • Allow .txt import for .sta (my bank exports as .txt, but it is a .sta)
  • Add a general notes field for instructions on how to book certain things.
  • Preview to-be-imported transactions
  • Auto link paid invoices to invoice. This could be done by: checking for the invoice-number + amount in the description. And if possible, the bankaccount
  • The new invoice screen is very wide because of the invoice line items… Not sure how to fix this yet
  • Predefined shortcuts on the overview screen for date ranges: Year-to-date, This-year, Last-year, custom range.
  • Export a complete year in one excel with sheets: balance, P&L, ledger, bank transactions, invoices, personnel, assets


This is not very useful. Pick one thing which is the most important to you and we go from there. Then when it’s resolved, pick another one and so on.

Auto link paid invoices to invoice :slight_smile:

The way this is solved is by using bank rules which allow automatic categorization to accounts receivable / customer.

But it’s not possible to add it to the specific invoice, right?

Is it really important to also match specific invoice? For most use-cases matching against customer should be enough. You need to be more specific about your use-case.

I send a number of invoices each month to the same client (sub-projects and other stuff), some invoices are unpaid, some are paid on time. It mostly depends on my client’s client.

Right now I manually type the invoice number from the description, but this is error prone, and the list shows all invoices of all time.

If client tells you which invoice they are specifically paying, then by all means, enter the invoice number.

Otherwise just allocate the amount paid by them to their customer account and let Manager figure out which invoice to apply it to automatically.

In future, there will be ability to “close” paid invoices, this way they won’t appear in the list anymore when selecting from the list of invoices.

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