Improvement suggestions


I used Manager for a short time and it’s great so many great features. Well done! There are always room for improvement to make a great software even greater… Here are some improvement suggestions.

  1. Put update and delete buttons on the top as well as the bottom. The same goes for batch update, find and recode etc. This will speed things up.
  2. Implement short keys that could be change and saved to a user preset. This will help save heaps of time and save us from repetitive movement and be kinder to our bodies.
  3. Being able to change the order of the modules Bank Accounts, Cash Accounts, Reports, etc
  4. Be able to change the amount of posts that shows up under find/recode, batch delete etc. If I had an option of showing all then I didn’t have to do one page at a time if I have many transactions.
  5. Batch find and recode for description in payments/receipts …
  6. Be able to recode a account directly in the list so add rows for tax and Account like”row” view excel a
  7. Import to cash account and do find and recode the same way as with a bank account. For example if I use a different private credit card and there are posts direct in to a cash account that I can export to speed up my workflow. I know I can convert a cash account into a bank account and do it that way. Would be easier if I could import directly to a cash account.
  8. Add depreciation rate type per year 10, 20,40,50,60,70,80,90 % so I don’t have to calculate be myself.
  9. Export payments with Account (sales etc) and payee
  10. Rename Account for bank account to Account Bank and Cash
  11. Be able to have handle multi currency directly in a bank or cash account
  12. Be able to show the currency on and invoice without having to create a new currency account
  13. Make it possible to get notices to update and to update within Manager desktop
  14. Be able to chose calender year like 2018 etc or financial year 17/18 or month for reports that would speed up things
  15. Be able to batch update reports periods for example year 18 or 17/18 with our without months
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Please limit your suggestions to one per topic. This list of 15 almost guarantees none will be considered.

Also, search the ideas category of the forum before posting new suggestions. Some of yours are already there. And a search of the general forum topics would reveal others have been discussed and cannot be implemented for various reasons that were explained.

Ill have a look and repost