Editing Bank Statement Transactions

If I import a Bank Statement and Edit the transactions that were not processed (because there was no applicable bank rule), some transactions are to be linked to Sales Invoices (Accounts Receivable) or Purchase Invoices (Accounts Payable). After selecting the right account, I can select the Customer (for Sales Invoice) or Supplier (for Purchase Account) and then I can choose from the Invoices of this Customer (or Supplier). Then ALL invoices for this specific Customer (Supplier) are listed, including the Invoices that were already paid.
It looks to me that it would make this task easier if only the unpaid Invoices were listed. Was this ever discussed? Is ther a reason for all Invoices to be shown?
And a second thought: Would it be possible to show in this list of invoices not only the Invoicenumbers of this Customer (Supplier) but ALSO the total amount for every Invoice?
Thank you

Search the forum before starting new topics. Both of these have been discussed many times. There are reasons for and against each suggestion.

Thank you for your reply. I’m really sorry my question irritated you.
Before I posted my question I did search the forum for over 2 hours, but could not find any of the ‘many discussions’, I’m sorry. Apparently I did not use the right search terms.
Onthe topic: I understand that the conclusion of the earlier discussions has been not to add this. So be it.

You did not irritate me. I just thought you might like to save time and benefit from the various comments many other users have made. You did, after all, ask whether your ideas had been discussed.

The main reason for showing all invoices is that customers sometimes send duplicate payments. If they can be applied to the designated invoice, the overpayment can be limited to that invoice, rather than causing a cascading effect of rolling credits applied to all subsequent invoices. The developer is still considering what to do. The main argument against showing amount is simply space. Screens are already full and many users with small screens already complain.

Okay, thank you. That is a relief.
I understand the considerations regarding duplicate payments - maybe that could be addressed by changing the order of the customer’s invoices (the paid ones in the bottom of the list).
Regarding the space constraints - I did not think of that. My screen is wide enough. I once saw someone demonstrating the webversion on a mobile phone - definitely not for me.
But with the invoice-amounts showing I could verify the customer transferred the right amount. This is something I really miss - or did not find yet :slight_smile: