Upload Transactions

Just came across your software and am impressed with it.

While I searched and came across various similar topics and understand that upload is really possible for opening balances (including employees) and maybe bank statements, I would like to put forward my need so that maybe it is considered as a feature request.

I currently use Gnucash for my accounting needs. I get a bunch of transactions from my salesmen in excel that are classified as cash transactions, bank transactions, sales transactions and journal entries. The type of transaction basically defines the account to be credited (except for journal entries) and therefore I enter the accounts to debit (debit and credit in the case of journal entries). I then have this excel file imported into Gnucash. This saves me a lot of time in so far as data entry is concerned and the salesmen need not have any knowledge of accounting.

The “Manager” certainly appears to have more features specially as it does payroll too and gives a better summary page that shows the balance sheet and P&L. I would certainly appreciate your assistance in including bulk uploads as it will help small timers like myself get control over data and time.

Thank you

My recommendation would be that you go for the cloud version and give the sales people limited access to Manager in the cloud version to do cash transactions, bank transactions etc.

They don’t need to be accountants to use Manager - one of the biggest selling points of Manager is that it is so simple to use, that anyone can use it with the most minimal training.

The problem with your approach is that you are doing the work twice. The salesmen are entering the transactions in once, and then you are entering in the transactions again into Manager. This is an inefficient way to do it. If your salesmen entered it directly into Manager, this would save you time and you can use that time for something else. In addition, it might be more likely to prevent errors from occurring. I know that when I used to use Excel Spreadsheets for my accounting, it took me hours to get everything to balance. Now it takes me minutes.

At the moment, the feature that you want is not available and I seriously doubt that it ever will be as its not an efficient method to manage your accounts. Cloud Based Accounting for your sales task force would be far more effective and they would only have limited access.