Importing Cash Accounts through Spreadsheets

I feel that the software should have more emphasis on importing data.

For instance, one can export the data of their bank account, duly fill all the categories and then import it. This would save a lot of time.

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Exporting/importing functions are receiving continuous enhancements but I really don’t want these features to be used as a method of day-to-day data entry. I would rather spend time to develop features that make it easier to enter data within the program rather than making users to rely on 3rd party tools for efficiency.

That is true that we dont want these features to be used as method of day to day entry, but having an option to import would greatly increase the compatibility and openness of the software.

Think of it…I have to insert 400 invoices at present in manager. Using excel to input data and then importing it in manager would greatly reduce my time spent on data entry.

Having this option will not make people stop using manager and start using excel, it will just have an addition of how compatible Manager is and would make people think that it is open and not forcing it to use it all the time for everything and anything.

I hope you understand what I mean to say.

Cheers to Manager !! :smiley:

I agree 100%. I just installed Manager, but to be able to use it, I would need to import all of my previous transactions. Entering everything from scratch is not an option for me. I like the program and I would really like to use it. I hope that an import function can be implemented soon.

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Agreed. Appears to be a excellent product released before its ready to beusedby those that need it. All this effort and no way to even import a .csv file for customers??? Poor to say the very least. Will check out gnuCash. Appears to have at least an attempt at some importing abilty

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Well, you are replying to the thread that is 6 months old. Importing has been implemented since then…


Not to mention, Manager now contains .NET managed library Manager.dll which is reader/writer for .manager files which allows even greater flexibility of importing data.

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No ,Feature of Importing Cash accounts through Spreadsheets is still pending. It will be awesome to have this feature which will save loads of time since inserting thousands of cash account transaction is a tedious process

@taher, I’m planning to solve this by simply merging “Cash Accounts” and “Bank Accounts” into the same tab as there are very marginal differences between those two. Then it will be possible to use import function on cash accounts. This will happen next month.


I know it’s now old thread but am wondering if this was implemented. It would be useful to pull in a month of cash expenses from mobile app that exports to csv. @lubos Sounds like a good idea to treat Cash like Bank for implementing this functionality. Although as type I am asking why I can’t just create a bank account called cash…?

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Hello Lubos,
Was wondering if there can be any developments in simplifying data entry into cash accounts? Like importing them through spreadsheets or having them on one single page like GnuCash and Categorizing it since this would save lots of time put into data entry.