Uploading sales invoice

Can I upload Sales Invoice from Excel?

No, this is not currently supported. Why do you require this?

we own a stationery business. Number of items in a single invoice are very large. And It took time for us to record transactions in manager, because manager do not support pos or bar code. So for walking or counter customer we record transaction in excel sheet, then we record it in manager at the end of day by copying from excel. we record it in a single invoice.

When you are making cash sales only (I assume that’s the case for stationary shop), you shouldn’t be using Sales invoices tab at all as that is mostly for sales on credit.

To record cash sales, record them straight under Cash accounts tab.

If you are using some POS system, every POS will be able to print out daily summary which can be entered into Manager as single transaction under Cash Accounts tab.

Thank you for your response @lubos. I am already adopting this exercise for net cash sales. But most of my sales are credit invoice, with large number of items, therefore I am demanding uploading of excel sheet.

Are you asking to import multiple invoices at once or single invoice with many line items? Because if you are asking to import single invoice, then I’m not sure why it’s faster to enter invoice details in spreadsheet than directly in Manager. Should take roughly the same amount of time.

Yes i am asking to import multiple invoices at once.

Do all invoices have single line item? If not, can you show some screenshot how does your spreadsheet look like?

This is a single invoice with multiple lines. I have to issue tens of invoices on daily basis to my credit customers. The format of this spreadsheet is similar to Manager.

OK, so if you go through all this trouble entering invoice in spreadsheet, why not directly enter it in Manager?

Well I am facing a little problem in Manager, I dont know others are facing it too or not. Sometimes when my number of lines increased from30 or 40, the manager processing speed tends to reduce. I am Using i3 2.5 GHZ Processor Desktop. Having 4 GB RAM. And It took lot of time to process invoice in front of Customer.

In this case, spread sheet is more helpful for me, as it work without any hurdle. Most of the times my lines are more than 50 to 60 per invoice.

Yeah, that’s a good point.

If you have a lot of line items on screen, performance will degrade a lot. This is because the form shows a lot of fields and is not really optimized for so many of them to be shown at the same time.

On top of that, when entering amounts, Manager re-calculates whole invoice on every keystroke which means with dozens of line items, there could be a lag while typing.

Computers are fast, it’s not a problem to re-calculate whole invoice on every keystroke, it’s just that Manager doesn’t do it very efficiently thus performance issues arise. It is something that is fixable though. I’ll have a look at this issue sometime this week as it has been a while since I did any optimization in this area.

Thank You

Hi! Just would like to ask if this issue has been resolved. Thanks!

this was never an issue but a suggestion.

i am not sure if this would be implemented in future either, because a lot of accounts are involved in creating a sales invoice which cannot be managed by uploading from a spreadsheet or any other program.

Thanks for the reply @sharpdrivetek. I am inquiring because we are planning to subscribe for the cloud version and this is one thing that we would like to be addressed before we make the decision. We are in trading, and there are instances when we deal with a lot of line items just in one inquiry. We do not keep inventories so what we do is we just convert the inquiry, send it to our suppliers and come up with a sales quote. It would be very convenient if we can upload list in excel format instead of entering items one by one.

@Tut , Sir any updates on this? We are also in the trading business and it would be really convenient for us if we can upload bulk invoices into manager.io

You are responding on an obsolete, 6-year-old topic. All the relevant code has been replaced since the issue was raised. And Batch Create was introduced. See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager.

I am closing this topic.