Bulk Upload of Sales Invoice

I would like to upload bulk sales invoices in to Manager.io

I operate a bakery and add the sales of each day in a separate sales invoice so that I can track their deposits into the bank. Is there a way to add the invoice in bulk? using excel or cvs file?

Perhaps you should not be using sales invoices at all. Sales invoices are meant to be used when you are not paid immediately. The customer owes you money, which appears in Accounts Receivable. If you are making cash sales, you should just use Receive Money in a bank and/or cash account. You also avoid the need for a Customer ID.

If you receive all the daily sales into a cash account, named something like Cash Register, you can then transfer the balance all at once to a bank account whenever you actually make the deposit. Accurate accounting and fully traceable.

mr tut, i don’t agree with you. Invoice should be raised for cash sales also only difference between credit sales being in cash sale invoice the customer name is not mentioned and in credit invoice the customer name is mentioned. In cash sales , cash account is debited and sales account credited.in credit sales customer account is debited and sales account credited. when the customer makes payment the cash or bank account is debited and customer account credited. this is the correct procedure to record sales either cash sales or credit sales.

@abiramitea, I agree 100 percent. My point was that with Manager, receiving money in a cash or bank account is a shortcut to your approach. When the sale is by immediate payment by cash, there is no need to go through Accounts Receivable. Doing so is not wrong from an accounting perspective, just unnecessary. Receiving Money in a cash/bank account is financially identical.

tut , maintaing account is to shown the correct state of the business. after a period of time we may not know the reason and for what purpose the amount was received. so its always necessaryr to go step by step as per the transactions taking place in the business. so that in future the correctness of transaction will always be there.

By “shortcut,” I did not mean that the records were in any way incorrect or that you would not be able to trace them. You always can in Manager. When I said “shortcut,” I meant that the common transactions of receiving or spending money in cash or bank accounts were easier. Perhaps “streamlined” would have been a better word.

As an example of what I mean, when you Receive Money, Manager already knows that the cash or bank account is being debited. Therefore, the other account in the transaction will be credited. Therefore, you do not have to remember which is which. While someone with much accounting experience might not confuse debits and credits, less experienced people often do.

The net result of the transactions will be the same as if you created a sales invoice, temporarily had an account receivable, then received payment against the sales invoice. You will end up debiting your bank account for the transactions and crediting an income account. In fact, if you received cash payment at the moment the goods were delivered, the method I am encouraging you to use is actually more correct. If you create a sales invoice, that presents an incorrect financial history of your company, because at no time did anyone actually owe you money. The exchange of money and goods was simultaneous.

However, if you want to keep doing things the way you are, you will end up with the same results. But you will do more work. Because your approach is unusual, I do not expect the developers of Manager will support it. But that is not my decision to make.