Auto sales invoices & recording - uploading sales data

Would you please develop process of recording sales invoices & filling data Through uploading all sales invoices this process can be do it by normal temple like Oracle System or any other accounting system also such as upload bank account in our system (Manager) it is faster and easier than the registry manually

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Manager has long had the ability to import bank statements. Read the Guide at Importing bank statements.

The rest of what you request points to unnecessary work, where you are keeping parallel accounting systems. What is your purpose for doing that?

i want to import sales invoice Through uploading template .

OK, but are these sales invoices credit sales or cash sales?

You have not explained why you apparently want to first create a spreadsheet for all your sales invoices, complete with all data, and then import that into Manager. This would be more work than directly creating the invoices in Manager. If you are requesting the ability to do something else, where do expect the spreadsheet to be generated? How would any system know all the data you propose to import into Manager?

sales invoices credit sales only

So how come these credit sales are not created directly in Manager? I mean you need to issue an invoice to customer so why are these invoices in spreadsheet format?

why are these invoices in spreadsheet format?
Because invoice include over 50 items.
And we loss time to record invoice that consists may items.
In another hand the customers payment process after they recived invoices and we rrcived the payments in 15 days.

@khalid_Suleiman, you have not answered the questions. Both @lubos and I have asked you the same questions. If you do not answer, we cannot help you.

The screen shots you showed do not include any individual line items on invoices in the spreadsheet, only top level information. All this information is already contained on a Manager sales invoice. You must enter the line item information somewhere to produce an invoice, so why not in Manager? Why enter it in two places? Manager can easily handle any number of line items in a sales invoice. Simply click on the Add Line dropdown box. You can add lines 1, 5, 10, or 20 at a time. And you can repeat the process.

Also, your comment about customers paying in 15 days is irrelevant. Manager will handle payment time frames from immediate to never and everything in between.

If there have 60 invoices for 30days and we are doing payments once in a month for 50 invoices then we need to open all fifty invoices which we are paying and pay for every invoices separately. Can we enter this as one payment?

Is this one payment for one customer or multiple customers.
If you have one customer paying multiple invoices, then you don’t have to open each Invoice to pay.
You can do Receive Money and select Account - Customer Credits + Customer then the amount will pay the oldest unpaid invoice, then the next etc.

Sometimes payments doing for selected invoices. That’s the problem.

You can mix & match… if payment is for specific invoice, you can record it on one line item. If payment doesn’t have to be allocated to specific invoice, don’t select the invoice (select only customer name).

Not sure what exactly is the issue.

Dear Tur
Many details the information contained in the invoice
Registration needs to be the time of each one alone.
The time factor is very important.
Only i hope that there will be an option to raise bills in one sentence Models
It is then saved each one alone. As we deal with the bank account.

I am very sorry, @khalid_Suleiman, but I do not understand the problem you think you have. Based on my understanding of what you have written, I believe your questions have been answered. Good luck figuring out whatever it is you are trying to do.