Bulk upload transactions

I have an excel sheet with sales and fees that I really don’t want to enter by hand. I am wondering if there is some method of just creating transactions in bulk. I’ve read other topics on how you can upload bank statements, etc. but I’m not sure if there is a template that will do this specifically. The sales invoice and sales order options won’t work because the customers and type of inventory don’t matter and I don’t track that here.

I basically want to create a transaction with the exact accounts in the order I want with the numbers I have.

If you are only taking up Balance Sheet amounts (beginning of financial year) then use the Starting Balances feature under Setting - Chart of Accounts, but first you need to activate under Settings - Start Date

But if its part way through the financial year, do the above for the BS accounts but a Journal for the Income & Expenses accounts with the profit/loss balance to Retained Earnings

No, that’s not really what I want. My business is Amazon FBA and I track inventory elsewhere so I just do a daily transaction with sales and fees for the day. I have those amounts and I want to create many individual transactions, one for each day, not fix starting balances or anything of that sort.

There really isn’t a way to enter a bunch of back transactions. A more practical idea is to choose the start of a new accounting period (month, quarter, or year) and set starting balances for your Start Date (selected under Settings). Then go forward from there. Switching accounting programs is a common business event, but few try to recreate history in the new program.

I’m not switching new to Manager; it’s really more that I fell out of practice and let it go for a few months, and I need to update it again. Without the history, there’s a lot of reporting I can’t do, so I’ll just put it in myself. Thank you though

I think the lesson here is to get rid of the spreadsheet so you aren’t tempted to use it. Enter the transactions once in Manager, not once in Excel and again in Manager. You are making twice as much work for yourself.

This spreadsheet is simply a bulk download of information from the website where I sell. I do not enter anything into this spreadsheet ever and this is the first time I’ve tried it this way instead. This is a matter of making something I would do anyway more convenient for me, not foolishly entering it twice.

Now that you have fully explained your circumstances, I can tell you there is not currently a way to do what you want. But you might consider treating the online sales like a retail cash register, where you enter only the daily total rather than individual transactions. Of course, you lose individual customer information that way. But since they have paid online, you might not care.

Yeah that’s what I’m doing. I have a list of daily totals. Thank you though