Upload Sales Invoices AR Upload Purchases Invoices AP

How Can Upload Sales Invoices (AR ) to customers Account Direct such as bank Account Upload process
How Can Upload Purchases Invoices (AP ) to suppliers Accounts Direct such as bank Account Upload process

Thant need Template Can We improve this function .

What do you mean by uploading invoices? Do you have those invoices in some spreadsheet format? If so, why?

If you have many invoices normally
you will enter one by one manually . why we are entering ( manually & one by one )
if we Put all invoices in the one template and make distribution directly to customer or suppliers . System can capture data such as bank upload in manager system.
All invoices you can complete and all transactions you can do it by one click.
These updates if we can do it really , will reduce the manual entry and save time.

Have you thought about cloning and maybe just sending a statement to the customer?

Cloning will not work so quick in this case

also have the same issue with a lot of invoices per month which we insert in an exel registry. it will be much quicker to copy paste the table from the exel to manager rather than manualy inserting each one

just a thought…

I do not understand your business operations. Why enter data into a spreadsheet? It seems like duplicate work because effort is still required to generate the spreadsheet or is it automated? How many invoices per day are we talking about, 50, 100s or 1000s?

Can you help find a way to import sales, (customer bills) cash and on credit by upload a single file.
After that we can distributed to the customer’s account.
The same way and import & enter bank statement though *.qif, *.ofx, *.qfx, *.qbo, *.sta, *.swi, *.iif, *.csv file

The only issue I have with this solution is that it would ever support invoices with single line item only. I might implement it anyway in future.

Dear Lubos .
Please update if its possible

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