Inquiry on bulk upload of sales invoice

Hi, firstly I would like to thanks for the manager this awesome accounting software, as it fulfilled almost all of my request for an accounting software - After trying to use Xero, saasu and MYOB. I found out manager is the easiest one to use.

However, I just got an inquiry/question in regarding to bulk create sales invoice on manager, as I was running a eBay store and got around 30 orders every day. I was wondering is there any way I can import such eBay orders to manager automatically by csv like file instead of do it manually? Or is there any plan to move on such function? To be honest, it was takes a lot of time if do it manually everyday. If there was a way to import like import paypal transactions. It will be much easier.

Any helps will be appreciated. At the end, I would like to say sorry if there was any language errors on my writing as English was not my first language. I am so sorry if my writing were hard to understanding or confused you.

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Are these eBay store invoices already paid? If so, then these are really cash sales and you can import CSV files into Cash Accounts tab as if you are importing a bank statement.

Sales Invoices are meant for credit sales where you issue an invoice, then chase the money later which doesn’t seem to be your case. Correct?

Hi Lubos:

Thanks for your reply but I think I may mislead you in before. Sorry for my terrible English.

Actually we wish to use manager this account system to help us monitor the stock and generate a accurate report based on our inventory purchases and sales. So we may have to create a sales invoice on manager for each eBay sales, and then apply the payment - To make sure the related item inventory will be deduct from accounting system… We tried to import paypal csv file into cash account, but it won’t affect the related inventories.

We just wondering is there any way we can simply import eBay sales history this csv file to sales invoices instead of doing it manually? It really useful for a business like us - got few channels to sell inventory items. Actually saasu do have such function like that but I really do not like to use that - Too complicated and so many rules. Manager is great one as we can custom a lot of things. I really like to use that and if such function like that (import thing) have to upgrade to pro system or paid for, I am willing to do so!


First of all, are you able to import paypal CSV file to Manager under Cash Accounts tab?

Once you have transactions imported, then you could set up bank rules to automatically assign those sales from Paypal to specific inventory items.

Hi Lubos:

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yep, I can import paypal statement for now. However, when I was trying to assign bank rules for the transactions to inventory sale. In the “…then allocate to” area (Of bank rules settings), I cannot find “Inventory sale - items” this account. So wondering how could I link the transaction to related product sales? Thanks ahead!


I see, inventory items are not yet supported by bank rules. I’ve added this to my to-do list and will update this topic when done.

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I was looking into this today. The issue I’m facing is that items behave differently on receipts and differently on payments but bank rules cover both at the same time.

So before I implement this, I need to take step back and split bank rules into two types. Bank rules for receiving money and bank rules for spending money. Then it will be possible to select an item on bank rule.

This is still a few weeks away to be implemented.

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Hi Lubos

I stumbled upon this thread today and experiencing the same issue as mentioned in this post. As stated earlier by you…Did you end up implementing this? If so, can you please let me know how to do it as i have almost 800 transactions or more coming from PayPal every month and any set of rules will be quite handy and save lot of manual work hours.

Also can you tell me when importing PayPal transactions…can we select item ID( mine is coming from ebay) and then it would line up with manager inventory or how to relate item description to bank rules…any help in this regard will be much appreciated.

Batch create based on batch update format and

Thanks for the reply but I am not technical in this regard and did tried to batch create some bank rules but looks like manager needs on specific values…I have data related to Item ID, Description, Price, Qty etc…but how that would match with the inventory that i already have and allocate to exact same part seems a cumbersome task.
I am happy to edit my excel file before importing as I can easily update excel based on whats required by manager but not sure how to import that in manager properly.
I would really appreciate if there is any insight provided into this as lot of people over the years have asked same question and i could not find this issue sorted in any of the posts.

  • Batch create the transactions not the bank rules.

  • You may need an external database lookup to match descriptions to UUID

  • If you are not technical you may need a programmer to help you set it up.