Upgrading/transferring info from Ver. 1

I have an old version (version 1) that I have been using for awhile. However I need to update on a new mac and there are no backup buttons, etc. in version 1. I’ve tried to grab the files in Users/…/.local/Manager and replace them in the new version but that doesn’t work either. Is there a way for me to transfer my version 1 info to the new version on a new computer?

Just install the new version on the old machine. Don’t uninstall the old one first. Then make a backup to a remote drive. Install the new version on the new Mac and import the backup from the remote drive.

Thanks Tut, I actually tried that. However, when I copied the new version to my applications folder on my Mac (and keeping both apps - the new one now named Manager 2), Manager 2 did not show any updated info when I opened it (although I read that both apps should read from the same data file). It didn’t take for some reason. Any thoughts?

What do you mean by updated info? Manager 2 should show the same accounting data as the older version.

Manager 2 doesn’t show the same data as the older version (although I know it should). It shows no businesses at all or any other info that the older Manager does.

Maybe I should note that the old version doesn’t even say “Businesses” in the menu bar…it says “Local Storage” instead if this matters.

A little of topic. I’ve always wondered how version 1 looked like and when was it introduced.

If no businesses are shown, it (or they) must be imported. But I confess you have me stumped. I’ve been using Manager almost 5 years, and started with version 14. I don’t know what the numbering scheme was before that, but I think you’re looking at incorrect meta data. The version number, because of cross-platform compatability, is only visible within the program, not by looking at bundle labeling.

What is the file suffix for your manager data files - .DAT or .MANAGER ?

If your old version files has the .DAT then this conflicts with the new version files using .MANAGER.

You can send your .DAT file to support@manager.io where it can be converted into .MANAGER file and then you will be able to import into the new version.

Thanks Brucanna, they are .MANAGER files. I wonder why they aren’t transferring to the new version?

Data files never transfer anywhere on their own. They are called by the new version, just as they were called by the old.

Hey wait! I just did try and import as Brucanna suggested, instead of moving those files to the files structure in the .local folder…worked! That was staring at me right in the face and I missed it. Thanks everyone!