Moving files

I have been using manager for a number of years on a macbook pro. I had a computer failure and the mac no longer works. I now have a PC and installed Manager 16.9.59. I was able to retrieve the following Manager folders from the Mac. Code signature, MacOS, MonoBundle, Resources, Info.plist. Is it possible to transfer any of these files to the new program to restore the business data that was in the old program. I’m mainly interested in restoring the Journal Entries.

Don’t try to transfer all that stuff. It was for the Mac and will be useless on your PC. Instead, install the Windows version on your new PC and restore your business using the Add Business button, navigating to the folder where you last backed up your data. All platforms’ editions of Manager will import the same backup files.

My mac backups were done on a external hard drive. Your saying I can restore manager files from that external hard drive?

Yes, absolutely, so long as the external drive is accessible from the new computer. If it is not, use a USB flash drive. Follow the Guide.

I can see the files but do not know which one to use. The few that I tried got an error message stating incompatible file.

If you back up in the last few weeks, the one you should navigate to will have your business name and a date. Earlier backups did not have the date.

But let me be clear. I’ve been talking about backups created from within the Manager program using the Backup button. If you are referring to files created by backing up your Mac hard drive, that’s a whole different deal. I think those files are only compatible with the Mac version of Manager, though I’m not positive.

If the situation is the second scenario, I think you might need to find a friend with a Mac, install the program, and point it toward your external hard drive. Do this under About Manager. When you get it up and running with your data, do a back with the Backup button. This can also be on your external hard drive. Then you launch Manager on your new PC and import your old version by navigating to the place where your backup file is.

If you can’t “Add Business” - “Import Back Up” you could then try this:

If you are seeing files names made up of alpha/numeric characters with a manager extension then those are your live data files.

You could then copy them to the application data path noted under “About Manager”

This is the same location that the “import backup” function would use to re-create the business

@Brucanna’s suggestion is worth a try. But what I was trying to convey in my earlier post is that I am not certain a regular data file created on a Mac is the same as a file created on a PC. They may be, though, and that is why it is worth trying. The Backup-generated files, however, are definitely cross-compatible. But they also have a different and compacted structure.

Incidentally, the file named “size” and the one with all the zeros do not need to be copies. Size just stores the window size for when you reopen the file. And the all-zeros file is an index of your businesses. Manager can regenerate those.