Transferring to new laptop from external hard drive issues


I had a MacBook that died and had all of my files put onto an external hard drive through data recovery. Trying to open Manager on my new MacBook and it says;

‘Your data has been updated to the latest version while your desktop edition is still an older version. Upgrade desktop edition to the latest version which will resolve this issue’

I downloaded the Manager programme to my new Mac from the internet, went to add business, picked my original Manager file from application folder to import, clicked on ‘Import business’ and nothing is happening.

Please help!

Thank you.

please make sure you have downloaded Manager from the official website.
the latest version is 19.2.46

also, do you see any error messages while importing the business file? please share screenshots if possible.

I downloaded Manager 2 days ago and it was 19.2.42, I just downloaded the 19.2.46 version and this has appeared;

Exactly what did you do that caused this error message to appear? And, did you import your prior application data file exactly according to the guide on restoring data?

It is also worth asking how you knew which file was your application data?

it doesn’t said anything about data, sqlite. my guess would be uninstall current installation. restart and reinstall. might solve it on its own. if it does said about database sqlite. then you’re out of luck.

Once it was finished with the download, I clicked on it and it went to this;

I clicked on it and that message come up.

I will restart and try again and update this post.

Thank you.

I restarted and downloaded a fresh Manager, tried to add business and can’t get past this;

I put my old Manager into my applications file to try and update it but nothing happened.

does the file Manager 1 has .manager extension behind?

Manager 1.manager

Im not to sure what you mean. Does this image help?

Thank you for your reply.

Im in desperate need to fix this.

I thought so something is off…

i dont know why but the file is recognized as an application. so maybe the file is corrupt or you can make a copy of the file and try renaming it with a .manager extension.

i am not a Mac user so my knowledge is limited regarding this.

i get the feeling Jesse didn’t know where is the business data file located. nor does a backup.

Jesse, search a file term through out the mac, to locate the data file 00000000000000000000000000000000.manager

I’m in the same boat as shardrivetek. Usually @tut will able to point mac users the location.

Comes up with no results

oh boy…

even i have the same doubt @acecombat2
but the file size 64MB is double the size of actual Manager download program.

that would be the index file and not the data file.

@Jesse0 are you sure you are trying to import your business data file and not the Manager application itself?
try search your drive for files with .manager extension.

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I searched and manager extension and nothing related came up

I think I am trying to import the Manager app. Where would I be able to find the data files?

something is bothering me, about the recovery part and internal drives. Can you still access the old drive?

@jesse0 its impossible not able to have the search engine with no result. then the probability is not in your current hard drives.

I have the old drive on an external hard drive plugged into my new laptop.

I took my old laptop to a data recovery place last night, he transferred everything to the ext hard drive.
maybe this guide would be of some help.

if you had manually saved a backup of your business somewhere maybe you can try to import that.