Where is my backup?

What is going on?? where is all my data?? I have just inspected the instructions for importing a business and it talks only about making manual backups which I have never done because nobody ever told me to.

So I have my old drive here attached to this computer. How do I import the old profile to the new setup?? I can’t even find the folder for “Manager” here.
Where should the backups be saved, or where is the configuration file to import???

OK update - I’ve located the Manager folder and have been able to extract all the package contents in the “Contents” folder, so we seem to have all the data, but how do I get this imported to my new setup?

most of the guides does mention to take occasional backups.
the big Backup button on the very first screen of Manager is not there for nothing.

your business file is always stored in the path shown as Application data folder under your preferences. this can be left as default or manually changed to another location in your drive.
so the first thing to do would be to find your files in that location.

moreover, your statement suggests you moved from using one drive to another. how do you expect Manager to bring the necessary files along unless you do it manually.

read this guide https://guides.manager.io/8890

OK thanks so I can open manager from my old hard drive but when I do my business is missing. Likewise when I open it on the new machine.

So my business data should be “stored in the path shown as Application data folder under your preferences.” I am able to run Manager off the old hard drive, but as I say my business is missing.

If I go to “Preferences” then all I see is “Language” “date Format” and “number format” nothing about “application data folder”??

The data must be here somewhere? My Contents folder has “_CodeSignature” “MAC OS” “Mono Bundle” and “Resources” folders and info.plist and pkginfo

Thanks in advance, I am tearing my hair out here, you can’t delete my entire business history.

i am not a mac user. so i am not sure about the default application data folder on mac.

you can search your old drive for files with .manager extension.
to identify you business file read this guide https://guides.manager.io/8394

and you should note that Manager stores you business files in a separate folder not related to Manager installation folder. so even if you uninstall Manager your business files would still be in the location you had set or the default location unless you manually delete them.


Looks like I’ve lost everything since Oct 30 last year, but that’s about a bazillion times better than starting from scratch.

Thanks so much for your help. Sorry about the tone above, I was really not coping thinking I’d lost everything. Regular manual backups from now on. Big lesson learned.

But I also think the system could be a bit more secure or make this a bit more obvious, I’m no technofool. I seriously doubt I’m the only user not backing up manually.

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things happen regardless of our best efforts. its better to trust ourselves than trust a machine.
make sure you take backups on a regular interval to a different drive rather than to the same drive to avoid problems in case of a drive failure.

As long as you can still access the drive you were using previously and did not proactively delete your data file, you did not lose any data. You have been focused on finding the program itself. What you are looking for is the application data file. Read the Guide you were given by @sharpdrivetek : https://guides.manager.io/8394.

Since you did not make any backups, there will not be any. So you cannot follow the instructions to import a backup. You must recover your original data and add it. If transactions are missing from the data file you are looking at, you have the wrong file. You are probably looking at a relic file left behind by a software update.

Follow the instructions in the Guide to identify the most recent data file, then add that.