Upgrading to new versions

Once again thank you for providing this powerful yet easy to use accounting software, what is the best way for me to keep the software up to date, the features i have in my current version suit me just fine so should I update to the newest version every month?

Unfortunately I lost my data when I upgraded from 14.8.15 to 14.8.16.

Well, to this date, nobody has ever lost their data by upgrading. Can you give more context what’s happening?

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Nothing sepecial… I used the oldest version, and whren I see the newest, I closed my desktop software, download the upgrade, move the dmg into the Application folder, overwrite the oldest one, and start it. And in the new version there was nothing data.

After this I overwriten the newest dmg with the oldest one, and after the start I got back all of my data.

So what is the version you are currently using (which works). I assume it’s not 14.8.15, right?

I do not know which version WMR Holding is using but I am still on Manager 14.6.29 and this works well with my business.

Should I upgrade every month to a new version?

It’s up to you but I’d say yes.

When I started the first upgrade, I used the 14.8.15. The next one (14.8.16) doesn’t work (lost my data) and I step back to 14.8.15.

After this I’ve seen the latest version on blog (14.8.17), I upgraded and this version is working fine.

Is there a version history anywhere that shows what has changed with each new version? Would be nice to see what changes have been made since the version I am using to see if it is worth downloading and installing.

I’m having similar problems. A friend of mine is running version 15.6.22, but is moving to a new laptop. I installed version 17.10.78, and set the data directory to where the ‘old’ files are placed.
Manager says there is no data present, so I suppose it does not recognize the format?
I also tried to make a backup from the 15.6.22 version but I could not restore that either.

Could anybody tell me what to do?

cheers, Ernst

did you try importing the business file into Manager or just set the application data directory?

here is the guide Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager

also, try updating Manager on the old computer and then make a backup. you can import this backup on the new laptop with new version installed.

More step by step detail on exactly what you did will be helpful. Also, what operating systems are the two computers?

Thanks for the repy, guys. And sorry for the delay. Busy busy busy.
In fact I just set the directory to the location of the administration files. I did make a backup on the old computer, but I don’t think I properly imported it. I Will take a close look at the guide, see if I can work it out.
Thanks so far,


Reading back through your earlier post, I think I see your problem. You tried to move the application data path. That was unnecessary. All you need to do is make a backup on the old computer to any location accessible by the new computer. That can be a flash drive that you move from one to another, a cloud storage site, or a network drive. Then import the backup to the new computer from wherever you stored it.

yeah, that’s what I did. I’ll see my friend again next week, we’re gonna give it another shot. Thanks a lot