How do I update Desktop Edition


I note from your blog that you advise updating the desktop edition every month.
How do I do that?


download the new version and install it over. simple as that


You just have to install the new version, your data will be automatic migrated. I suggest you to bakcup your actual data first for any problem but actually I’ve never have to restore a bakcup for a version update.


How do I know if I have the latest version? Not certain how to check that or how to update it.


Go to the download page (same place you originally downloaded) and see what version is available for download. Compare that to the version you have. Download the newer version and install. (I’m on a Mac and have found that I must Trash the older version from the Applications folder before installing the newer one.)


Thank you everyone. Much appreciated


Yes … I know how to check the latest version for download … but I do not know how to check which version I am currently using.


Click About Manager at the top when running the program. It shows version number there.


Yelp … I just figured it out lubos … thanks!


Some of my information did not remain after I updated, has this happen to anyone? I have a back up but it seems to only work for the older version.


What sort of information did not remain? Can you be more specific?


For the last 2-3 weeks I have input my records from 2011 to 2014. I backed up the entire data, but after I upgrade over the old version on one pc and also place the newer version on my other desktop that never had the software on it; Neither one gave me all of the information I recorded. 2011 and 2012 totally deleted.


Can you be more specific on what sort of records you are missing? Payments, receipts, invoices? And how did you determine they are missing? They are no longer seen in tabs under which they’ve been recorded?


I backed up my files and then after I installed the new version, I imported the file to the new version. I have 3 bank accounts listed. One of them no longer had any transactions I recorded. So I went in the other 2 bank accounts and scrolled through my entries and notice the information stopped at january 2013. Both bank accounts does not show any transfers, debits, nor receipts information from 2012 and 2011. My over all figures on the chart of accounts is lesser also.


Are you using Opening balances feature? If so, go to Settings tab, click Opening balances and check what is your opening balances date.


THANK YOU!! I greatly appreciate you… I changed the date and all of my info appeared