Updating wiped out work

I just spent a few hours updating all my financial records in Manager, and backed up the file. All good.

Then I figured I’d better check your changelog to see if there was an update to the program, and sure enough there was, and so I installed it (deleted old version of Manager, downloaded and installed new one -15.6.19).

The program now won’t display my current records — I’ve just lost several months of entries (25 August is now latest entry). The Forum link says “Error”. I imported my backed up file, but that’s not changed anything — still have the same loss of entries (25/8 is still the most current entry).

I’m running OSX 10.10.5

Manager doesn’t delete any data upon upgrade. There must be some other issue.

How about you try to import your backup you took before upgrade into the latest version?

Yes, that’s what I’d done. Importing the backup (that I did today) didn’t work :confused:

Can you send that backup file to support@manager.io ?

There should be no reason for you to delete Manager before installing new version. Just upgrade manager over the existing version and it will update the settings.

I don’t know where the Manager profile is on Macs, but on windows you go to username\appdata\local\manager. If you find the Mac version of that location perhaps you may find one or more data files there. Perhaps your data is there and can be copied and pasted elsewhere and then restored. You should be able to tell by the file date modified what files are in use.

Never delete a program to upgrade it. Always update the program over the old version! Then you won’t have issues like this occuring. Hope that you are successful in getting your data back!

Hi @dalacor

Yeah, I normally wouldn’t upgrade any software way, but I was following the (possibly now changed?) instructions on the Manager website.

My ‘lost data’ issue has been resolved — it was a simple problem of the “Set Period” not being set to “Today”. Phew!

Glad that you found your data. I would not have thought of that as the cause!

Just for future reference, the procedure for updating software is as follows

  1. Backup your data file (where the actual data is stored)
  2. Backup the folder where the program is installed.
  3. Download latest update
  4. Install new version over existing software - never uninstall the previous version as you will lose config settings etc. This is applies to updating any software, not just Manager. I suspect that your date changed because you uninstalled manager so you deleted some configurations that were in the main part of the program

I normally advise not to upgrade a program unless the changelog indicates that it fixes a bug, security flaw or implements a new feature that you actually want. In other words, if it aint broke don’t fix it! This applies to all software not just Manager. As far as Manager is concerned, I find it worthwhile to upgrade every month or so because of new features or bug fixes so it is of benefit to me to upgrade.