Lost data

Updated today then when I opened manager desktop edition I found entries from the last 6 weeks have been removed how can I recover this I should have backed up before but I didn’t

Upgrading Manager will not cause data loss. So I expect the problem is more your set period in summary view is set to a date six weeks ago is the issue or some other underlying cause such as opening the wrong file - if you have upraded then I suspect that you have had to re-import the businesses because of the change in the appdata folder in the upgrade and you probably imported a backup file.

I didn’t have to import any backups they appeared automatically

Then probably what has happened in your case is you upgraded about six weeks ago give or take and it changed the names of the business to the more user friendly names, but you still had the old alphanumeric names left in the app folder, so now you have upgraded again its looking at the alphanumeric files instead of the new files. Go to c:\users\yourusername\appdata\local\manager and see what files you have there.

You should have data, recent and size and one manager file with zeros in it. Then you should you have a file with alphanumeric characters in it that would relate to your business. I suspect that you will find your business is pointing to an alphanumeric file and you had upgraded 2 months ago and the file names where changed to more user friendly names. Import the user friendly name and it should show the same business with the most recent transactions.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you very much with your help all recovered now

Hi Lubos, could you address this issue in your program update otherwise a lot of users are going to have the same problem as this issue.

You may find this recently updated Guide helpful: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/application-data-folder.

That is helpful when setting up a business and backing up etc. It should not be required when an end user upgrades manager and loses all his data or has a wierd issue like this. The upgrade should not cause this kind of problem and I can see many other users having the same issue.

It can only happen once, and only to a user who updated between v17.4.0 and 17.5.8, a ten-day period. The Guides are up to date, and so far there have only been three posts about this on the forum.

ten day period! - 17.4.0 was released at the beginning of April Tut. Thats just on two months.

You are right. I looked at the recent post date rather than original release. :flushed: