Lost my database after Apple security update

Hi everyone,

I think my issue is probably of my own cause but I can’t figure out where I went wrong. I’ll try to explain in detail from the beginning so one of you pros can tell me where I messed up.

I started using Manager in 2014 when I first started my business. I rushed the setup and absolutely set it up incorrectly (this comes into play later).

I stopped using it for 14 months when I took a full-time job elsewhere. I left this job in February 2019 and began my business again. By this time, Manager was way out of date. I updated to the most recent version and lots had changed. I decided that this time, I was going to make my business actually work properly, so I took the time to read all the guides for Manager.

I decided to scrap the old version of Manager and download the latest version, then effectively start from scratch at the beginning of the new financial year. I’m Melbourne, Australia-based so this date is July 1st.

So I kept the old version of Manager to stay on top of all my outstanding invoices prior to July 1st, and anything after that date went into the most recent version of the software. I’m basically running two apps here.

Until yesterday my system has been working fine. All of my old invoices from the last financial year have been paid, I’ve done my income tax assessment with my accountant and I now have no reason to use the old version.

Yesterday my computer (iMac) had a Security Update 2019-004 Version 10.12.6. I got home from work yesterday ready to type up a couple of invoices, went to open Manager and for some reason the old version comes up. Assuming I’ve clicked on the wrong icon, I go into my apps folder where I kept both versions, clicked the latest version and it’s the same deal. The old version is opening up.

I’ve now lost all my new customer info, quotes, sales invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, receipts, payments, everything. This is a solid day of plain boring data entry to get it back to the point I had it. Any idea what I did wrong or what I can do to fix it?

Thanks in advance

First, you need to understand none of your data is stored in the application itself. It’s all stored in a separate data file—or files if you have more than one business. By default, meaning unless you proactively moved it, that data is in your application data folder. The problem is, if you’ve got more than one version of the program installed, they are both going to be competing for control of the same data file. But once the newer version opens it, the older version won’t be able to, unless its really, really old.

So, familiarize yourself with contents of your application data folder. Read this Guide: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.

Then, get rid of all old versions of the application. Make sure you have downloaded only the most recent according to this Guide: Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager.

Finally, following instructions in the first Guide, figure out what the most up to date version of your data file is and move any older versions out of the application data folder.

If you have specific questions as you go through that basic process, ask them here.

The filetypes of the database is “.manager”


Try to do a whole search of your PC for that see if you get any result. Then import that, it might be the latest version or outdated one.