Updating starting balances inventory on hands

Also while entering the starting balances have to enter the average price in all the items.
lets suppose i have 2000 items in my stock and i m moving into manager.
So i added 2000 items in the inventory items tab and enter all details like sales price , purchase price , unit name. so when i m entering the starting balances it should take the purchase price entered earlier than average price. so that when i update starting balance of individual items we only have to write the quantity and the system will take purchase price automatically and i only have to press update

Your idea will not work because Manager uses average cost inventory valuation, not the entered purchase price. That price is only a shortcut for purchase invoice creation.

so entering suppose 2000 or items individually in starting balance inventory on hand will not be easy.
even after items are added in inventory already.
Is there other way to add items quantity in inventory if someone is migrating to manager. @Tut

or there should be a batch update option to copy starting balances inventory on hand to spreadsheet and updating it in batch

Before you were asking about costs. Now you are asking about quantities. Either way, there is no option for batch operations on starting balances. It may be a lot of work, but you only do it once.

but i will help lot of people around who wish to migrate to using manager and by updating their previous bulk item names in stock . because if item names in inventory is in bulk its very hard to put info one by one. @lubos
@Tut …Dont know if it qualify for ideas category.

It used to be possible to set starting balances for inventory items using Batch update.

It’s not currently possible but I’m working on a solution.

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