Inventory batch import not working properly

I tried to import 365 inventory sku through batch import but import not picking the on hand inventory qty and cost any one can help me out about the process of inventory batch import ??

Your question is not clear. There is no “batch import” function in Manager. There are Batch Create and Batch Update. See Which are you trying to do, create new inventory items or update existing ones?

If you are creating new ones, you should not expect the program to pick up on-hand quantity and cost, because it is unaware of both, because it is unaware of the items themselves. Nor could you have any quantity or cost to pick up, because you could not have previously entered any transactions referencing the items.

If you are updating existing items, quantities and costs would not be included, because these are derived from purchase and sale transactions.

So exactly what are you trying to do?

I am trying to create a new one but if system not support for on hand qty and cost for new batch create, in this case how I can load the inventory on hand opening in system

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Read this Set starting balances for inventory items | Manager and this Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager

If you are creating new inventory items for the first time, you will not set starting balances for them. Starting balances would only be used if you had those inventory items already in a prior accounting system and are switching to Manager.

If you are already running your business with Manager and want to add a group of new inventory items, you can create the items themselves with Batch Create. Then, you record the purchase of the items either with payments or purchase invoices, depending on how you bought them.

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we are already using the accounting system and now switching to the manager as I mentioned earlier we have about 400 items in and it is a very long process if we book the purchase of these items can we create a batch for the purchase line too ???

The real question is not can Manger do it (it can), it is do you have the technical expertise or willing to pay someone with the technical expertise to do it.

To answer the later question, I suggest you try to do it.

@mateenrasool, since you are migrating to Manager, you can use Batch Create to create your inventory items. Your starting balance inventory quantities and average costs can be entered as part of that process. This, however, is not what I was referring to when I mentioned recording purchases. The starting balances will reflect only the inventory actually owned on the day you begin using Manager. Later purchases will be entered as they occur using payments or purchase invoices.

Now, those purchases can also be created using Batch Create. But that is a separate function and even more technically challenging than using Batch Create for inventory item setup and starting balances.

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As you mentioned i am trying to create the batch with starting balance inventories quantities and avg cost but system not picking the inventories and avg cost during creating the batch entry in system

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As I have told you twice, there is nothing and nowhere for the system to pick up the starting balances. You must enter them.

Enter a few items manually. Then begin a Batch Update to copy what you have entered and paste it into a spreadsheet. This will allow you to see the expected nature of entries. Columns for Batch Create are identical, but do not include the final Key column. Manager generates that when you create the items.

Hi Tut

I flow the step you mentioned above and create the batch update but result is same as system not piking my startup item qty for your review I also uploaded the sheet I use to update the batchupdate batch- nile.pdf (88.6 KB)

please check the attached file and guide me what we are doing wrong. I mentioned again what we do

Step 1. create batch to import item system
Step 2. Create batch date and enter the qty and cost and then through batch update tried to update qty and cost but don’t get my desire result

Step 1 Enter a reasonable number of items manually
Step 2 Check the manually entered items report as you want, if not fix your manual data entry

When pasting back into Manager, the file format / date format / characters all matter. Which can not be checked in a pdf printout. Pasting the results into a text document (with .cvs extension) and uploading that is far more informative.

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Kindly find the attached batch file in excel and please guide if something wrong

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(Attachment update batch- nile.xlsx is missing)

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