Problem with customer starting balances

Is it working? i can not batch update,

Why not? There is variable named StartingBalance.

It is not working, am i miss any thing?

Do you have a lock date on?


Should i required Lock date?

@subrosumon, you diverted a topic with an unrelated question. And that prevented receiving an answer. The subject of the topic where you originally posted was “Updating starting balances inventory on hands”. Neglecting the originator’s misquoting of an account name, the subject of that topic was about inventory. It turns out your question is about customers. Please do not do this again. It wastes everyone’s time. I have moved your question and all responses to a new topic.

Now that we know you are interested in starting balances for customers, it seems you misunderstand what they are. I am guessing that you believe a starting balance for a customer should show up in Accounts receivable. That shows you have not read the relevant Guide: Set starting balances for customers | Manager. The starting balance for a customer refers only to a credit balance you owe the customer, unrelated to open sales invoices on the start date.