Batch Create function does not accept starting balance inventory location

When using Batch Create, the variable StartingBalanceInventoryLocation does not seem to be functional. Even if HasStartingBalance is set to TRUE and a valid, previously defined inventory location is entered, the starting quantity ends up in Unspecified location.

Likewise, Batch Update ignores the inventory location.

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It’s one of those columns which require GUID rather than name of inventory location. You can see what I mean by doing batch update on inventory items which have inventory location selected.

Eventually I will get away from GUID and it will be possible to enter just name but for the time being this is “as designed”. Not a bug.

I knew this situation existed in some other locations. I did not realize it applied in this case.

Also while entering the starting balances have to enter the average price in all the items.
lets suppose i have 2000 items in my stock and i m moving into manager.
So i added 2000 items in the inventory items tab and enter all details like sales price , purchase price , unit name. so when i m entering the starting balances it should take the purchase price entered earlier than average price. so that when i update starting balance of individual items we only have to write the quantity and the system will take purchase price automatically and i only have to press update

Please do not divert topics. This thread is about inventory locations. If you want to discuss something else, start a new topic. I am closing this one.